ood has quietly played a big role at the office in recent decades. Reports indicate good food choices can boost morale, build culture, and improve health and wellness in the workplace. This is why Toronto-based KitchenMate targeted its smart cooking device specifically for office locations since the product launched in 2018.

But the role of the office is changing, and perhaps for good, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. New health and safety considerations are expected to impact every facet of workplace operations, including how organizations feed their employees.

KitchenMate CEO and founder Yang Yu realized that as the role of the office evolves, KitchenMateÔÇÖs offering would need to evolve, too. Last month, the startup launched a new product, KitchenMate GEN2, to meet the unique demands of the post-pandemic workplace.

ÔÇťAs the world reopens, employees are looking for good reasons to work in the office again, and they also need to feel itÔÇÖs safe to do so,ÔÇŁ Yu told BetaKit. ÔÇťOffices need to accommodate higher safety requirements, lower occupancy levels, and flexible workdays, and foodservice must be completely rethought as a result.ÔÇŁ

Read the full BetaKit article here.

Aug 4, 2021

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