Returning to the Office: How Companies are Reimagining Their Workspaces

As workplaces continue to reopen and people return to work, companies are reimagining the role their offices play in their employees’ lives.

BetaKit: How KitchenMate Evolved its Foodservice Product for the Post-Pandemic Workplace

The role of the office is changing, and perhaps for good, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. New health and safety considerations are expected to impact every facet of workplace operations, including how organizations feed their employees.
Health & Safety

Getting Social and Staying Safe While Eating Lunch in the Workplace

When they’re back in the office, people want to eat with their coworkers. Safely, of course. At KitchenMate we recently surveyed 65 professionals across the GTA to learn more about their food preferences and expectations when they eventually return to the office.
Health & Safety

Supporting Your Immune System

As Ontarians move into the forecasted ‘second wave’ of COVID-19 that will fall in line with influenza (flu) season, a twin epidemic is possible. What can you do to stay healthy and how can you make the most of your body’s disease-fighting and healing superpowers?

Retail Insider: Self-Serve In-Office Technology KitchenMate Aims to Support Office Workers Back Onsite

How the KitchenMate solution enables employees to minimize going in and out of the office while providing a healthy and safe on-site meal option.

TechCrunch: KitchenMate Makes it Easy to Cook Fresh Meals at Work

KitchenMate has raised $3.5 million in seed funding led by Eniac Ventures and Golden Ventures, with participation from FJ Labs and Techstars. It’s also expanding into the United States.

Introducing Our Breakfast Menu

After searching for the best quality ingredients, and much sizzling, scrambling and sautéing, we’re excited to introduce our delicious breakfast menu!

Re-Energize With Thrive

Balanced and healthy meals that will you re-energized. meals Show some appreciation for all that your body does by giving it a daily dose of goodness.

Meet Executive Chef, Luke Kennedy

Meet the Chef behind our meals! Our Executive Chef Luke shares his philosophy on food.
Health & Safety

A Word From Our CEO

Food safety and customer health & safety are at the heart of everything we do.

TechTO: Start a Meaningful Company | Yang Yu, Founder & CEO of KitchenMate

In this video, Yang shares a personal story of why it's important to have a meaningful connection to your startup idea.

Why we love hackathons

We found a fantastic approach to help foster creativity and innovation: participating in hackathons.