Introducing Our Breakfast Menu

After searching for the best quality ingredients, and much sizzling, scrambling and sautéing, we’re excited to introduce our delicious breakfast menu!

Re-Energize With Thrive

Balanced and healthy meals that will you re-energized. meals Show some appreciation for all that your body does by giving it a daily dose of goodness.

Meet Executive Chef, Luke Kennedy

Meet the Chef behind our meals! Our Executive Chef Luke shares his philosophy on food.

TechTO: Start a Meaningful Company | Yang Yu, Founder & CEO of KitchenMate

In this video, Yang shares a personal story of why it's important to have a meaningful connection to your startup idea.
Health & Safety

A Word From Our CEO

Food safety and customer health & safety are at the heart of everything we do.

Why we love hackathons

We found a fantastic approach to help foster creativity and innovation: participating in hackathons.

Retail Insider: Self-Serve In-Office Technology KitchenMate Aims to Support Office Workers Back Onsite

How the KitchenMate solution enables employees to minimize going in and out of the office while providing a healthy and safe on-site meal option.

TechCrunch: KitchenMate Makes it Easy to Cook Fresh Meals at Work

KitchenMate has raised $3.5 million in seed funding led by Eniac Ventures and Golden Ventures, with participation from FJ Labs and Techstars. It’s also expanding into the United States.
Health & Safety

Supporting Your Immune System

As Ontarians move into the forecasted ‚Äėsecond wave‚Äô of COVID-19 that will fall in line with influenza (flu) season, a twin epidemic is possible. What can you do to stay healthy and how can you make the most of your body‚Äôs disease-fighting and healing superpowers?