Food safety and customer health & safety are at the heart of everything we do. At KitchenMate, we take a systems approach to addressing risks at each of the critical control points from our supply chain to interactions with our technology in your workplace.

Food Safety

Made with the highest level of safety and care

Our food safety standards far exceed those of the majority of traditional food establishments in the country, ensuring the food we deliver to you each week is safe, fully traceable, and of the highest possible quality.  

Our food is prepared in a CFIA licensed and SQF certified production facility in Mississauga. The facility produces food for most of the major grocers in Canada and has consistently received the highest industry certifications with several levels of redundancy in its supply chain and production locations.

Single-Serve and Tamper-Proof Packaging

All meals are individually packaged in recyclable aluminum and heat-sealed for your safety. Any malicious attempts to tamper with the meal will permanently damage the packaging making it easy to recognize. All meals are cooked to a food-safe temperature killing any latent pathogens.  

Respecting Physical Distancing with Modularity

Our meals are cooked individually in our Smart Cookers kiosks which are modular and designed to be configured in a way where they can force social distancing between people engaging with the service. This allows users to practice social distancing with peace of mind and avoids crowding while waiting for their meals.

Mobile Payments & Notifications

Our meals are individually packaged in recyclable and tamper-proof single-use, aluminum containers. Once the meal is placed in the Smart Cooker, the cooking process will begin once you pay on our mobile-app by simply adding your credit or debit card to your account. You will automatically receive a notification when the meal is done cooking.

Contactless White-Glove Delivery or Curbside Delivery

Our delivery is contactless and done in bulk; we provide curbside delivery or deliver directly to the smart-vending location to maintain social distancing and minimize delivery interactions.

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Apr 2, 2020
Health & Safety

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